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Timely Help With Accounting Malpractice Cases

Accountants and other financial professionals are bound by a code of ethics. One of the fundamental responsibilities of an accountant is to ensure that his or her client receives competent professional services. In addition, your accountant must be honest, objective, and professional while doing business with you or on your behalf.

Your accountant has a duty of care to you. Failing to fulfill this duty can result in lost profits, a damaged reputation, and other negative effects to you or your business. If your accountant has acted in a way that adversely affects you, contact the Law Offices of Louis F. Robinson III in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We will help ensure that he or she is answerable for your losses.

We carefully evaluate each accounting malpractice case and work with you to create an effective legal strategy.

Our Track Record

When filing a case against a financial professional, you need to have a highly skilled and dedicated law firm on your side. Using our experience and broad knowledge of finance and taxation law, we will help you build a strong case. Our team has worked in cases involving accountants, bookkeepers, financial planners, and tax auditors.


We have handled simple to complex professional malpractice cases concerning audits, income tax, and state tax.


Embezzlement can occur as a result of deceitful accounting practices or your accountant's failure to uncover theft or misappropriation by another party.


Ledger errors, failure to disclose a conflict of interest, and misappropriation of client funds are some of the ways a bookkeeper can commit malpractice.

Financial Planning

A financial planner can breach his duty of care by forcing his clients to trade frequently to increase his commissions. In that case, he is abusing his position of trust.

Estate Planning

Estate malpractice can occur due to inadequate knowledge and oversight, lack of ethics, or willful misconduct.


Under tort law, auditors can be sued for malpractice if they breach their duty of care, such as by failing to uncover fraud in financial statements.

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State laws can limit the amount of damages you can recover from a professional malpractice case. Our team is highly familiar with Florida malpractice laws. We will utilize our knowledge to maximize your recovery and exhaust all efforts to obtain the best possible results for your case.

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